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Mobey Forum’s workgroups provide a platform for strategic discussion and collaboration on a particular area of interest for members. The groups aim to prevent ‘tunnel vision’ in the mobile financial services industry.

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Strategic discussion

Talk among experts leads to new & intersting ideas.
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Our online and one-site gatherings pave ways to fruitful co-operation.
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Workgroups produce reports, infographics, videos & webinars

The groups meet online on regular basis and in face-to-face meetings at the workgroup days before Mobey member meetings. Mobey Forum’s reports are produced by the workgroups.

Current Workgroups

Mobey Forum is currently hosting four different workgroups. You can find more information on them below by clicking the arrow icon.

Open Banking Workgroup

Co-chaired by: Oscar Sala, VP Product Strategy, Strands and Jordi Guaus, Head of Digital Marketing, CaixaBank

The objective of the workgroup is to help banks to understand opportunities behind PSD2 and other similar regulations such as OFX, and how to take advantage of these regulations to enable a new relationship model with their customers “Open Banking”.

Some initiatives will be performed with the objective to help banks to define a right Open Banking Strategy, based on most added value services for customers and its contribution to Banks revenues.”

p banks to define a right Open Banking Strategy, based on most added value services for customers and its contribution to Banks revenues.”

Virtual Currencies Workgroup

Co-chaired by: Hans Henrik Hoffmeyer, Senior Vice President, Nets Group and Peter Stephens, Head of Blockchain, UBS

The Virtual Currencies workgroup will discuss about the 5th AML Directive that will include clear definition of how Virtual Currencies (VC) are defined and certain blockchain based payment companies will be obliged entities in the Directive. The workgroup will answer questions like what are the strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threats VC present? How should this new regulation be translated into action, how is the risks picture changing for banks?

Strong Customer Authentication in M-commerce Workgroup

Co-chaired by: Ron van Wezel, Senior analyst, Aite Group, Roney Castro, Principal Advisor, UL and Jacob Ost Hansen, Nordea

The scope is to cover authentication solutions in m-commerce, which means remote consumer to business payment transactions initiated via a mobile device. Hereby both app and browser-based solutions will be covered. The work will analyse the different authentication solutions available for m-commerce. The outcome would be a joint MobeyForum and Aite Group research report.

Bank Disruption Workgroup

Co-Chaired by Zaf Kazmi, Mobile Channel Strategies, Erste Bank Group and George Charalambous, Head of Digital Transformation, HSBC

Facilitator: Samee Zafar, Director, Edgar Dunn & Company

The aim of the group is to provide regular information and analysis for members on various aspects of banking disruption: FinTech companies, business models, competitive advantages, value chains and geographical trends. They will not only focus on FinTech or start-ups, but will also look at new types of established companies entering to the market, as well as internal, bank-driven initiatives to compete on a new level.

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