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The MPOS Impact: The Shifting Balance of Power

25th of November 2013

Mobey Forum’s members have pushed the topics of MPOS for this whitepaper beyond the traditional ‘dongle plus smartphone’ innovation to look at surrounding issues of interchange models, payment service provider models, networked commerce and the merchant / customer relationship.

Following Mobey Forum’s tradition, we have woven these complex topics together and offer a framework at the conclusion for strategic focus and critical assessment.

Content Summary

  • The balance of power: winners and losers: What are the factors surrounding mobile card payments and how have rapid changes in the space affected the relative strength of each market participant?  Is there an evolution to today’s interchange model on the horizon?
  •  The new payment service providers: How have PSPs created whole new models for value extraction?  Are these models sustainable for the long-term or are they evolutionary steps to an end-state?
  • Strategic alternatives for banks: How should a bank go about assessing the factors affecting alternatives and choose their move?  Following the Mobey Forum tradition, we propose a framework and decisioning model to filter the complexity for its members.

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