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Respecting the customer relationship leads to true engagement

20th of November 2018

Francis Mac Aonghus, Digital Transformation Strategist at Oracle and speaker at Mobey Day Vienna, shares his views on customer engagement in the Q&A with Mobey Forum.

1. In your view, what is the biggest challenge when it comes to banks and customer engagement?

I believe the biggest challenge is taking an end to end view of the customer journey, and exploring where the future customer will be. Seems to me that at the moment a lot of the “innovations” only meet a particular pain point or micro moment in the current customer journey.

2. What is key in justifying one´s relevance to the customer?

I believe true engagement doesn’t need justification. If we are looking at justifying then both us and the customer already feel this is an awkward relationship. However, we have to show that we respect the relationship as much as they, only then can we truly engage.

3. What is the role of data in customer engagement and delivering maximum value to the customer?

Data is a channel through which we can understand the unsaid customer expectations, and spot the order within the complexity of a customer journey. Because we are not yet at a stage when we can deliver one-to-one bespoke relationships, understanding this data helps us cater for particular needs and expectations. The more powerful the data and delivery platforms the more bespoke to an individual we can become.

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