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1st of September 2016


User Experience

  • Registration & set up: Registration is done through the browser. User only needs a valid e-mail address and assigns a personal password. POSTPAY account can be linked to PayPal account, GIROPAY, credit card or bank account.

  • Making a payment: User goes to a merchant website supported by POSTPAY, and selects POSTPAY as a payment method. After selecting POSTPAY user will be forwarded from the online shop to POSTPAY by means of a secure connection. User selects desired payment method on POSTPAY. User can pay his/her purchases with POSTPAY by immediate transfer, Giropay, PayPal and credit card. POSTPAY takes care of the processing of the payment and the communication with the merchants. Authenticate with PIN code. All goods will be delivered by Deutsche Post DHL.

Payment Flows & Technology

  • Merchant perspective: POSTPAY must be integrated on the merchant website. It can be done via XML interface. DPZ is in charge of the payment process. (Update to follow – Further information being obtained)

  • Security: 3D secure verification. The system for immediate transfers is certified and works with SSL encryption and with the proven PIN / TAN input, which is used for online banking. 

Business Model

  • Strategy: Deutsche Post DHL offers a secure payment service (POSTPAY) to merchants and charge them for the abovementioned service. In addition, Deutsche Post is also in charge of the shipping services, which are usually paid by the consumers. Merchants supported by POSTPAY only ship by Deutsche Post DHL.

  • Payee fee: Monthly basic fee of 20€. Transaction fee of 2% + 0.2€. Cancellation fee of 0.20€.

  • Payer fee: No charge for consumer 

Performance Data

  • Launch date: Germany (Jan ’13)

  • Closed Date: N/A

  • Users: No data yet

  • Retailers / merchants: No data yet

  • Transaction volume: No data yet

  • Transaction value: No data yet

  • Other data points: No data yet 

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