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21st of August 2016


  • SummaryPivo is a cards-based digital wallet for NFC contactless purchases on smartphones operating in Finland only and launched in Dec 2012. Pivo has been developed by OP-Pohjola, which is the largest bank in Finland.

  • Website

  • Status: Live

  • Market: Finland (Dec ’12)

  • Type: Single Bank

  • OwnershipOP-Pohjola (largest bank in Finland)

  • Functions: Retail payments only

  • Payment Mode: Cards-based

  • Channel: POS via NFC

  • Roadmap: n/a 

User Experience

  • Registration & set upPivo is only available for OP‘s customers who are at least 18 years old. The app is available on App Store, Google Play and Windows Store. Moreover, user must have an OP-Visa Debit Mobile card activated on Pivo(Update to follow – Further information being obtained)

  • Making a payment: The first tap on the contactless-enabled payment terminal registers user’s OP-Visa Debit Mobile card and the second tap makes the payment. Internet connection must be on during the payment. Authenticate with PIN code. NFC payments are only available for Android devices. Pivo can also pay purchases of more than € 25 as long as the payment terminal supports payments in excess of € 25.

Payment Flows & Technology

  • Merchant perspective: The merchant processes a payment using their existing payments processing systems. Pivo simply facilitates the payment by securely passing payment credentials to the merchant. (Update to follow – Further information being obtained)

  • Security: Pivo can be accessed only by entering password.  Data is transferred in OPN systems which are highly encrypted, regardless of network connection. (Update to follow – Further information being obtained) 

Business Model

  • Strategy: OP does not charge any fee to merchants. Pivo’s business model is to get the loyalty of its current customers as well as new customers acquisitions due to the exclusivity of its service for OP’s customers.

  • Payee fee: OP bank does not apply any fee to merchants for the use of Pivo, applies the same conditions that have established with OP bank for traditional POS.

  • Payer fee: No charge for consumer 

Performance Data

  • Launch date: Finland (Dec ’12)

  • Closed Date: N/A

  • Users: No data yet

  • Retailers / merchants: No data yet

  • Transaction volume: No data yet

  • Transaction value: No data yet

  • Other data points: No data yet 

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