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Open Banking – Are you ready for 2018?

29th of November 2017

Open Banking is here! 2018 will see the introduction of laws across the EU that will formally endorse the Open Banking concepts that have been slowly emerging over the past decade.

An exciting period of change in payments, banking and indeed the wider  financial services ecosystem awaits us.

Open Banking means new opportunities for banks both in terms of providing services for existing customers, as well as enabling services for
new ecosystem participants.

In this paper we provide an introductory overview of Open Banking. It is the first in a series of papers that Mobey Forum’s Open Banking Expert Group will be publishing in the coming months.

Subsequent papers will provide relevant regulatory updates and discuss opportunities and risks for banks based on proceedings of the Expert Group.

Jordi Guaus, CaixaBank – Mobey Forum Open Banking Expert Group Co-Chair
Oscar Sala, Strands – Mobey Forum Open Banking Expert Group Co-Chair

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