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Mobile Wallet Whitepapers Part 1: Definitions and Vision

28th of November 2011

The deployment of mobile wallets has begun, and already we are seeing numerous definitions and different visions for mobile wallets. Since semantics around mobile wallets is one of the current challenges in the industry, Mobey Forum sees value in clarifying the terms and use cases for mobile wallets.

This paper looks at the mobile wallet from a financial industry perspective, but it recognizes that there are numerous use cases beyond the financial spectrum. The paper is not a comprehensive view, and its scope does not allow for in-depth evaluation of implementation guidelines or detailed technical analysis, but to qualify the discussion with various stakeholders to clarify the role and purpose of the mobile wallet.

The first part of a series of papers on mobile wallets will look at the definition of mobile wallets and defines the mobile wallet: A Mobile Wallet is functionality on a mobile device that can securely interact with digitized valuables.

Mobey Forum recognized 4 possible areas of content in a mobile wallet, of which each is discussed separately.

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