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Mobey Forum’s Digital ID Podcast – Insights and Learnings from Comparative Scheme Study

10th of March 2020

Welcome to Mobey Forum’s podcast on Digital ID Scheme Study.

Jenny Ahlqvist from Sparebank1

Jukka Yliuntinen from Giesecke+Devrient

Kevin Faragher from TD Bank

Discussion moderated by: Paul Rogers, Iseepr (Mobey Forum)


Mobey Forum’s Digital ID Expert Group recently published an interactive, all-digital report ‘How to Make Digital Identity a Success: Insights and Learnings from Seven Digital ID Schemes’, presenting a comparative overview of seven digital ID schemes across Europe and North America. It provides insights and comments on the evolution of the schemes, their varying models and management, technological underpinnings and the services they provide to users.


This podcast complements Mobey’s recently published report:

View the Report

Contact shalini.sharma(at)  if you cannot view the page.

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