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Insights on real life open banking by Eika bank group from Norway

26th of April 2019



Erlend Sundvor, Eika’s Executive Vice President of Payments outlines the Nordic bank´s approach to new open banking services ahead of Mobey Day Toronto.



How is Eika taking advantage of open banking?

Eika is using open banking both in partnerships with third parties and delivering new services inside the organisation. Open banking allows us to re-think our value chains and customer propositions. As a relatively small player we have to remain focused on our customer segments and their needs and open banking means that we have more flexibility when designing these services.


What kind of new emerging services within open banking you think will be most popular to customers?

Services must be developed based on real customer needs and open banking is a tool enabling us to do this in new and more efficient ways. We believe there is great potential in improved banking services for SMEs and that open banking and partnerships with fintechs will lead to new exciting services to these customers.

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