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How to Make Digital Identity a Success: Insights and Learnings from Seven Digital ID Schemes

13th of February 2020

A Report from Mobey Forum’s Digital ID Expert Group

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Co-chaired by:
Jukka Yliuntinen, Giesecke+Devrient
Jenny Ahlqvist, SpareBank 1

Core Team:
Kevin Faragher, TD Bank
Stephan Mietke, Association of German Banks
Peter Fjelbye, Nets

This interactive, all-digital report from Mobey Forum’s Digital ID Expert Group presents a comparative overview of seven digital ID schemes across Europe and North America. It provides insights and comments on the evolution of the schemes, their varying models and management, technological underpinnings and the services they provide to users.

The report also takes a broader look into the future, exploring the potential for cross-border integration together with the challenges and opportunities this presents, and provides high level commentary and observations from the Expert Group.

The purpose of the report is to furnish stakeholders with a broader awareness of how digital ID is evolving across the world and to provide some key considerations on how to build sustainable frameworks for digital identity.


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