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G+D Mobile Security shows award-winning TAK Application Security Solution at upcoming events

9th of May 2017

Munich, May 9, 2017 – The Trusted Application Kit (TAK) developed by G+D Mobile Security is an application security framework for mobile operating systems, like Android and iOS. Using TAK, developers can quickly and efficiently incorporate advanced security functions into their applications during the design process. TAK provides robust security without impact to app development time or the user experience and is therefore an ideal solution for all security-sensitive applications like mobile payment, mobile transit, ticketing etc.

TAK is a solution that enables developers to build in robust security that is specific to the application during the design phase. Developing with TAK provides the best possible security, while remaining non-intrusive to the end user – a critical feature of apps in the FinTech market for example, where payment must be secured at all points. TAK’s features include active feedback, device fingerprinting, and advanced lifecycle security. The ability to develop security critical applications on a standard platform offers flexibility across a wide range of devices.

The solution won a “Best in Show” award recently at the Payments Summit show in Orlando, Florida, hosted by the Secure Technology Alliance. In addition to the financial services market, TAK has been gaining considerable traction in the area of mobile transit.

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