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Flexible, agile, customer-centric organisation is key

22nd of November 2018

Karin Van Hoecke, General Manager of Digital Transformation at KBC Belgium outlines the bank´s approach to customer engagement ahead of Mobey Day Vienna.


1. What is KBC´s approach to customer engagement?

3 key elements :

1) we focus in all our projects on 3 elements: instant, zero effort and lovable experience. This means you need to have processes that give an instant solution, are personal, that we are pro-active at the right moment and that the customer can have an all-in-one solution.

2)  the small things are also important. You can compare it with the relationship with a partner e.g. say thank you towards your customers when they are 5, 10 or x year a customer of your bank/insurance company.

3) Test, learn, adapt, test, learn, adapt,…

2. In your view, what is the biggest challenge when it comes to banks and customer engagement?
The changing customer behaviour combined with new technology, regulation and new players results in pressure on the business model of the banks. The challenge is to transform the bank regarding process, platforms, learn to work together with partners of other industries, find new income sources and preferable without increasing risks. To succeed in building a more flexible, agile, customer-centric organization is key.


3. What comes first – technology or customer centricity?
It feels like a strange question. In order to be a winner in the digital transformation, you need to have both. It is crucial to check if you test a new technology, that you are solving an aspect that brings you closer towards your customers. The other way around if you solve an issue that customers find important, it’s key to check if there is technology that can help improve your experience or decrease your cost. It is more about the variety of ideas or solution, so you can start from both angels. Critical is, once you have an idea to make sure that the mix between technology and customer solution is fine.

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