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Our online and one-site gatherings pave ways to fruitful co-operation.
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Expert groups produce reports, infographics, videos & webinars

Current expert groups

Mobey Forum is currently hosting four different expert groups. You can find more information on them below by clicking the arrow icon.

Open Banking Expert Group

Co-chaired by:

Jordi Guaus, Head of Digital Marketing, Caixa Bank

Mario Brkic, Research & Development Lead, George Labs

The objective of the Expert group is to help banks to understand opportunities behind PSD2 and other similar regulations such as OFX, and how to take advantage of these regulations to enable a new relationship model with their customers.

Digital ID Expert Group

Co-chaired by:

Jukka Yliuntinen, Managing Director, Giesecke+Devrient Mobile Security

Chris Ngoi, Head, Business Development, UBS



Jenny Ahlqvist, Senior Specialist Trust Services, SpareBank 1

The objective of the Expert group is to explore the business opportunities for banks in Digital ID. The key themes to be discussed by the group are:

 “Identity and Identity Management as Business Enablers for Banks”

  • Can we define the role of banks within an identity management framework?
  • How can banks build a business around identity management?
  • What are the key drivers?
  • What are the potential revenue streams?
  • How feasible is it for banks to tap into this ecosystem?

AI and Data Security Expert Group

Chaired by:

Amir Tabakovic, CEO and Founder,

Honorary Member at Mobey Forum

The objective of the new Expert Group is to provide a platform for a multidisciplinary group of experts to exchange experiences and best practices on data privacy and to provide guidance to its members on how safely to deal with data privacy without losing the ability to innovate in the area of Artificial Intelligence.