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Internet of Banking & Payments 2018

Join the conversation in 2018 at the industry-leading event on the future of the Internet of Banking and Payments

In the past decade, FinTech has emerged to transform the payments landscape. We’ve seen everything from contactless payments to fridges buying your milk. The latter is part of the Internet of Things trend that has generated both excitement and concern in equal measure. The concern is twofold, initially that consumers are now too security conscious to fully trust the new tech and the other is that the industry may struggle to find the killer application.

The Internet of Banking and Payments Conference was the first event in Europe dedicated to addressing issues that are preventing the widespread digitalisation of the payments sector. Providing knowledge that will allow Banks, Retailers, Car Automakers, Building Societies, FinTechs and Payment Providers to create the frictionless experience that consumers are looking for under PSD2.

Discounted Passes Available for Financial Institutions and Solution Providers, click here to register:

* Complimentary Passes available for Board level executives from Financial Instituations,Retailers, Payment Providers & Merchants