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BKM Express: the first digital wallet to start payments with wearables

31st of October 2014

bkm“In the blink of an eye”

Pay with BKM Express

BKM Express users will be able to enjoy a magical shopping experience with Google Glass by using simple voice commands and eye contact, thanks to work undertaken at BKMLab, an innovation incubator set up by Bankalararası Kart Merkezi (BKM) to introduce technological developments to the payment systems industry.

Harnessing the collaborative power of banks in Turkey, Bankalararası Kart Merkezi (BKM) has achieved another first in its continued effort to contribute to the development of payment systems in the country. With the new Google Glass payment application, developed by the engineers at BKM Laboratory (BKMLab) – an innovation incubator within BKM -, BKM Express users will be able to experience digital payments using wearable devices. They will be able to give simple voice commands while wearing Google Glass to shop with BKM Express, the digital wallet of choice for credit and debit cards selected by 16 banks in Turkey.


Membership of BKM Express will be sufficient for using Google Glass as a payment method. Existing members will access their digital wallets and pay for goods and services by opening the BKM Express Google Glass application and using simple voice commands.


Dr. Soner Canko, General Manager of Bankalararası Kart Merkezi, stated that BKMLab will develop many innovative payment solutions in the future and added, “With BKMLab we aim to implement many projects that will accelerate the growth of the payment systems sector in Turkey leveraging advanced technologies to offer richer and more convenient payment experiences to customers. BKMLab will develop new methods, applications and techniques that enhance card usage and increase cardholder recruitment in Turkey. It aims to develop innovative and transformational solutions based on the changing needs and habits of Turkish customers.

BKM Laboratory is composed of engineers who are creative and experienced in payment systems. It aims to introduce newsolutions to the payment industry and act as a bridge between the payment industry and the world of technology. Turkish payment systems market, closely followed by many countries throughout the world thanks to its many groundbreaking products, will continue to be a model for the world for creativity and innovation in payment systems; BKMLab will be the new center of this innovation in Turkey.

About BKM Express

BKM Express, developed and launched by BKM (Interbank Card Center of Turkey) with the collaboration of banks and leading companies of e-commerce industry, stores credit cards, debit cards and prepaid cards issued by 16 banks (Akbank, Bank Asya, Denizbank, Finansbank, Garanti Bankası, Halkbank, HSBC, ING Bank, İş Bank, KuveytTürk, Şekerbank, TEB, Türkiye Finans, Vakıfbank, Yapı Kredi Bankası and Ziraat Bank) in a single digital wallet. The cardholder, who becomes a BKM Express member through, can shop online by using a one-time password from the mobile phone without having to use card information. The cardholder also takes the advantage of the card’s reward, mileage, promotion and installment opportunities. Cardholders are also able to send money via BKM Express mobile application to a card or mobile phone number. BKM Express plays a crucial role in the growth of e-commerce market. As of today BKM Express has reached more than 650 merchants and 350 thousand users.   

About BKM

Established in 1990, the operations of Bankalararası Kart Merkezi (BKM) in the field of card payment systems are:

– Validating interbank transactions and performing clearing;

– Finding solutions to common problems;

– Performing strategic operations throughout the country for card payment systems; and

– Developing the rules and standards for domestic cards.

Considered as a model throughout the world thanks to its productive operations and high transaction volume, with its solid technical hardware, infrastructure and human resources, BKM is continuing on its efforts to provide the best service to its members, retail industry, public and cardholders in the field of card payment systems.

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