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Authentication in M-Commerce: Balancing Risk and Experience

12th of December 2017

Are you willing to compromise security for a seamless payment experience in m-commerce? Merchants consider the customer experience as the most important factor when they evaluate their approach to payment transactions but at the same time they must manage rising fraud and deal with stronger compliance requirements from card networks and regulators.

Mobey Forum hosted a webinar that explored how financial institutions and merchants can address the challenge of mitigating fraud while delivering a seamless user journey for m-commerce transactions.

Webinar summary:
• A summary of available methods to balance risk management and customer experience in m-commerce.
• An overview of methods to effectively balance risk management and customer experience for m-commerce transactions.
• An industry view of criteria for applying strong customer authentication (SCA) based on multifactor authentication.
• Analysis of the potential challenges and opportunities introduced by legislation such as PSD2.

Presented by

Ron van Wesel, Aite Group
Roney Castro, UL

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