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Akbank Direkt Öde

10th of May 2017


User Experience

  • Registration & set up: The Akbank Direkt Mobile app is available on Google Play, which comes with Akbank Direkt Öde integrated. Users go to Akbank Direkt Öde menu and add a card within the app. Users can select a card as a default for payments. Users must activate the NFC payment option.

  • Making a payment: Contactless payment initiated by bringing the phone close to the NFC terminal. No need to authorise the transactions for amounts under 50 TRY. Otherwise authorise with password. It works without internet connection.

Payment Flows & Technology

  • Merchant perspective: The merchant processes a payment using their existing payments processing systems. (Update to follow – Further information being obtained)

  • Security: HCE technology, which is consider as the world’s most secure mobile payment method. Disposable cards are loaded and untokenized in every transaction.

Business Model

  • Strategy: Akbank business model is to provide its customers with faster and convenient payment services in order to make their lives easier.

  • Payee fee: No charge for merchants

  • Payer fee: No charge for consumers

Performance Data

  • Launch date: Turkey (Sep ’16)

  • Closed Date: n/a

  • Users: (Update to follow – Further information being obtained)

  • Retailers / merchants: Supported by all the merchants who are equipped with contactless-enabled terminals

  • Transaction volume: 3,084 TL, monthly

  • Transaction value: 43,235 TL monthly

  • Other data points: n/a


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