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Mobey Forum is an independent non-profit organisation whose sole purpose is to benefit its close community of members, bringing together banks, technology companies and financial institutions.

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Mobey Forum is the global industry association empowering banks and other financial institutions to lead the future of digital services.

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We connect industry thought leaders to identify and understand the commercial drivers that create a better customer experience.

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Our proven format creates a unique quality of interaction and insight for our members, keeping them ahead of the curve.

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Atmosphere at our events is upfront and trustful. Our events are liked for open conversations, trustful collaboration and networking. We often create insights that money cannot buy.

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Expert Groups

Current Expert Groups

Expert groups provide a platform for strategic discussion and collaboration on a particular area of interest for members. The groups aim to prevent ‘tunnel vision’ in the mobile financial services industry.
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Expert groups produce


Which are summaries and white papers of current and important subjects on the field of Banking. learn more

Written by Mobey Forum’s Biometrics Working Group The required procedures for…

29th of August 2017

This document briefly presents am “overview” of the workgroup discussions. It is not a comprehensive record of proceedings…

6th of June 2017



Maikki Frisk, Executive Director at Mobey Forum, discusses the key trends from the seventh annual Mobey Day Barcelona, hosted by…

16th of November 2017

Relevance to the consumer is the challenge for banks in the post PSD2 era and partnerships hold the key, says…

30th of October 2017

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Digitalization and PSD2 are part of the brave new world. Mobey Forum closely involved. @ollirehn @SuomenPankki #DigitalTransformation @MobeyForum

Digitalization and PSD2 are part of the brave new world. Mobey Forum closely involved. @ollirehn @SuomenPankki  #DigitalTransformation @MobeyForum

Palvelu pitää viedä sinne mikä on asiakkaalle primääriä. #psd2 #openbanking open #API #fivaseminaari #fintech @MobeyForum nyökkää